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The DRGB-90 radiation dosimeter gives audible and visible measurement of radiation levels (hard beta-rays and hard-gamma rays). You can use it to check the background radiation in a house or workplace and check for contaminated products or food. The device itself does not emit radiation and does not have any harmful effect on the user or environment.

This dosimeter contains a Geiger Counter.


This dosimeter has been made at Russian factory which makes products for Russian army.


General instructions:

The dosimeter is intended for use at temperatures from 263 to 313 °K (-10 to 40 °C, 14 to 104 °F). Dampness will interfere with its high voltage generating circuit. Keep the radiation dosimeter clean and protect it from impact, dampness, and harsh environments.

After storing or transporting the radiation dosimeter in cold conditions, give it 6 hours to reach working temperature. Remove the batteries if it is not going to be used for a month or more. Check that the battery contacts are clean before installing batteries.

Basic specifications:

THIS DOSIMETER contain Geiger Counter

Measurement accumulation (integration) time is at least 60 seconds.

The power supply consists of three AA batteries. One set of batteries will operate the radiation dosimeter continuously for at least 300 hours under natural background radiation conditions.

The radiation dosimeter weighs is 0.25 kg (7 ounces avoirdupois).


The radiation dosimeter is used as a portable handheld device.The case is made of shock-resistant polystyrene.

Its indicators are red and green LEDs, a meter, and an audible clicker.

The meter is graduated in two scales.

The upper scale is in microsieverts per hour (????/? ).This scale has three parts: green for radiation levels comparable to the natural background, yellow for high but allowable levels, and red for dangerous levels.

The lower scale works the same way but is graduated in microroentgens per hour (???/?).

The range switch (top right) has two settings: "x1" for measuring values indicated on the meter (0-3 microroentgens) and "x10" for measuring values 10 times higher (0-30 microroentgens).

The "search" switch turns the sound signal on and off.

The "light" button illuminates the meter.

The "dump" button zeroes out the accumulated reading before taking another measurement and before switching ranges.

How to use the radiation detector::

(1) Set the power switch off (to the left).

(2) Slide off the battery compartment cover and insert three AA cells with the indicated polarity.

(3) Turn the power switch on (to the right) .Set the range switch to "x1". Set the search switch to the right. Occasional sound clicks and green LED flashes should appear; they will increase as you go near a source of radioactivity. The meter reading shows the average dosage over a period of 60 seconds, so for the first minute it will gradually increase. You can reset it at any time by pressing "dump" .

The Geiger tube is mounted lengthwise in the dosimeter and is most sensitive in a perpendicular direction.
For maximum sensitivity, hold the instrument so that the end of it points at a 90-degree angle to the source. At radiation levels higher than 300 microroentgen/hour, the red LED will light and a siren-like sound will be generated.

(4) Switch off the radiation dosimeter when you are finished using it.


There is high voltage (440 V) inside the case.

Do not disassemble the radiation detector!

Do not use it with the cover removed!

Follow instructions carefully.

Operating procedure

Install batteries in the radiation dosimeter and switch it on.

The green LED will issue a blinking luminescence. Switch " Search " established in extreme right position will provide the sound signal system. The sound signal system is disconnected, when the switch " Search " is in extreme left position.

For testing, it may be necessary to bring a geometrical axis of the device settled down to perpendicularly prospective direction of radiation.

It is possible to take readings from the device in 60 seconds.

The disturbing sound and red signal system is included at excess of a level of radiation in 300 microroentgen. Red LED will issue a blinking luminescence. The device issues a sound similar to a siren.

Switch the switch of ranges in position "x10" for removal of indications from the device in this case.

Press button " Dump " before repeated measurement and at switching a range of measurements.

There is instruction in Russian / English.

Front panel markings :

????/? microsieverts/hour μSv/h.

???/? microroentgens/hour μR/h.