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CEN Racing MG10 Mt & TR ΣΕ SUPER ΤΙΜΕΣ!!!!
CEN Racing MG10 Mt & TR ΣΕ SUPER ΤΙΜΕΣ!!!!
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Wider is better! The MG10 is wider than most 1/10th scale trucks, this means higher cornering speeds and easy handling. Life is complicated enough, driving an RC shouldn't be.  CEN Sport’s durable composite construction lets the MG10 survive the bumps and crashes a RC truck goes through. But not only is CEN Sport's composite blend tough, it allows the MG10 to be lightweight, which means faster acceleration than the competition. Best of all the MG10 is ready to rock out of the box.

The MG10's 4WD can go places its 2WD competition can’t. A 4WD is faster in a high performance environment as well due to the fact that the truck can push and pull itself out of a turn. The 4WD drivetrain of the MG10 gives the truck added stability while driving in rough areas and is less likely to spin out.

4WD is user friendly and perfect for the nitro novice. You can spend more time  driving instead of worrying about spinning out. The MG10 is also easier to jump due to the gyro effect of the 4WD while in mid air. Blip the throttle in mid air to keep from nose diving and stab the brakes to bring the front end down. CEN Sport designed the MG10 with one thing in mind, FUN!!!


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The MG10 with its .stump pulling 2.5cc pull start engine gives the MG10 blistering acceleration. Don’t be afraid that the power of the MG10 will just lead to you spinning your wheels, with the full time 4WD you won’t find yourself short of grip to get the power to the ground.  Knowing that the MG10 will see action in the dirt and mud, CEN SPORT designed the MG10 with a fully sealed radio box.  Keeping your electronics safe and sound is critical to having Nitro RC fun day in day out
High Performance Oil Filled Shocks - Adjustable oil filled coil over shocks providing the best on track performance with unlimited adjustability
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The MG10 features an ultra low Center of Gravity design teamed with extra long suspension arms.  With the wide stance, the truck is easy to drive and lets the truck carry more speed through the turns MG10 features a ball bearing supported transmission coupled with a slipper clutch to maximize power transfer and enhance traction Innovative transmission features no differential output cups!  The dogbonesactually engage an internal hex shaped differential output shaft.  There’s no output cups to wear out!!
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Equipped with 75cc fuel tank and lightweight chassis, the MG10 provides over ten minutes of tire shredding fun on a tank of nitro.  Less refueling and more Driving!  Aside from performance CEN SPORT’s engineers designed the MG10 to be easy to service as well.  Remove 8 screws and the front differential is in your hands.  Just unscrew another 8 screws for the rear transmission and you have both front and rear differentials in your hands. Skyion DSX Digital Radio
The DSX ( Digital Spec Xtreme)  provides a digital experience like no other.  With functions ranging from digital dual rate to 10 model memory, the DSX radio system gives you an R/C experience that is sure to intensify your senses
The MG10 is full time shaft driven 4WD with a unique front bevel gear differential coupled with a traditional 3 gear transmission in the rear.    Notice the unique molded chassis, the center cutout allows for the drive shaft to at the same level as the chassis itself, this allows for the MG10 to have a lower overall CG for enhanced handling prowess.   Maintenance on the MG10 is a breeze.  With the simple chassis layout getting to the transmission and differentials are a piece of cake.  Fixed camber links and toe links cut down on the adjustments letting you focus on the more important side of RC, FUN!!
"" Notice the center drive shaft, its fully protected by the sides of the MG10 chassis.  With the MG10 you won’t have to worry about readjusting belts, the shaft driven power With the full time shaft driven 4WD handling the horsepower that the 2.5cc recoil start engine dishes out is no problem!   And if you’re skeptical that the 4WD drivetrain isn’t enough, CEN SPORT has equipped the MG10 with a slipper clutch to provide enhanced traction and power transfer
Using resilient composites instead of aluminum, the MG10 combines lightweight with rugged durability.  To reinforce the chassis, CEN SPORT designed the chassis with reinforcement gussets underneath the chassis.  A composite transmission brace ties the transmission to the chassis.   Without this brace the lateral and torsional forces caused by the engine would lead to stripped spur gears, broken engine mounts, and leading to a ruined day of nitro fun.  The MG10-UNIT’s arms have been molded out of a composite that allows for increased crash durability but at the same time it is not so flexible that it does not let the suspension do its job.


Part of the fun of owning an RC car is being able to customize it.  The MG10 doesn’t disappoint.  Hop-up potential??  Well the MG10 can use standard size 1/10th scale tires and wheels, so you won’t find yourself short of new kicks for your MG10.  Along with alloy shocks, and a wheelie bar, there’s plenty of upgrades that you can customize your MG10.
Completely Ready to Run Skyion DSX Radio System Lighting fast Acceleration Full time shaft driven 4WD
Ball bearing supported Reinforced composite chassis components Powerful 2.5 Engine High flow manifold with rear exit exhaust
75cc fuel tank with filter Built in servo saver Big Bore Oil Filled Shocks P & D Body
Sealed receiver and battery Compartment Single Speed Transmission with Slipper Clutch Adjustable Suspension geometry Adjustable toe-in and camber
High Impact front bumper Stylish 2.2" offroad wheels High grip v-treaded off road tires Compatible with 1/10 parts, Unlimited upgrade potential!!
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